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IOTD: early tilemap work for TMS
early tilemap work for TMS
early tilemap work for TMS, by 23yrold3yrold

Well, here's what I've done for Level 8 of my game The Mighty Stoopid. I'm concentrating on enemy AI right now (I've found I enjoy coding over graphics) and since the IOTD is becoming an IOTW, I decided to show off how far along it is. :) Some of the work is rendered, some is "pixel-work".

First section shows the start of background tiles. Once the level is pretty much done, I'll add those to a seperate layer in the back. Making those will be much easier than making the foreground ones. Also note the teleporter. Many of these are scattered about Level 8-2. This is the enterance to the stage (from the Level 8-1 teleporter). There's a guard running around on my right you can't see.

Second section shows a security door. The level basically boils down to exploring the level via teleporter, and opening it up as much as you can by hitting switches to toggle the doors. Some just open, but you'll notice this one lets you through the top or bottom path. The things holding the door are kind of like gears or conveyors which move it up or down. I need to do those tiles properly in Blender yet.

Third second shows a detail with most of the tileset. The big white section need filling with machinery. Also, I'm planning on animating it. Maybe the red and green lights will flash. Or spinning fan/gear tiles. The pipes are rendered, and so are those blue and grey container-looking tiles. So is the teleporter, of course. :)

This gives you some idea what Level 8 will look like, anyway ...
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