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Allegro Chaste Tris
Chandler Klebs
Member #12,522
January 2011

Hello I am not sure if this forum is even being used anymore but I am excited to share my Tetris game I made using Allegro5. The attached zip has the full source code and the Ubuntu Linux executable. I have previously made it with SDL but I wanted to learn Allegro so I translated my entire game to use all Allegro calls.

Update: I also added a Windows zip to this post!

Edgar Reynaldo
Major Reynaldo
May 2007

Well done CWR. If I may address you that way. I successfully compiled and played your game on windows using MinGW-W64. It was fun. I still made mistakes even though I wasn't hindered by gravity. When I got to the top though, the game never ended. ESC quit fine.

I compiled it statically for you (a winx86_64 binary) and packed your font with it. I included the source as well. There were a few errors and I compiled as c++ because allegro on windows is c++ because of D3D.

Attached is a zip and 7z of the new binary.

Here is the zip file and here is the 7-zip file.

It might be nice if you could add back in the original Tetris'es falling blocks and repeat key drops of the blocks. You can do it using a timer and an ALLEGRO_EVENT_KEY_CHAR event. But make it an option, so you can still play freely with no restrictions. The repeat key chars would be cool though.

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April 2000

How do you feel about Allegro compared to SDL, now that you've seen both ways?

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Edgar Reynaldo
Major Reynaldo
May 2007

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