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TINS 2023 is June 2-5, registration open!
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I'm happy to announce TINS 2023 will take place June 2-5. Registration is now open, you can go ahead and register here

As you know, TINS is a 72h game programming competition, organized annually by the allegro community. The first TINS was in 2003, so this is actually our 20-year anniversary!

Here is what makes TINS special (apart from the friendly community, of course): At the start of the competition, random rules are drawn from the rule-o-matic. These rules will level the playing field through creative anarchy. Check out some past examples to see what I mean. To make sure they are to your liking, you can also vote on rules. In a few months time I plan to implement something to suggest rules - but this will certainly require you to vote on a few rules first, so you can already start on that.

We've had some prizes in previous years. I'd like to do so again this year, but only if we have enough participants to warrant the effort. So if we can get 20 registrants by the beginning of April, I will make sure there are some prizes to win!

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Not baaaad :)

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