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April 2017
Okay. Since I mentioned many times how shitty discord is and how nobody wants an apparent dead site. I decided to ride something again, this time more seriously than an apparent forum toy.
And when I say seriously it's because I mean it. Not like a spoiled child who wants to play serious in a suit and tie, but to apply only the practical, simple and short, as if i were programming, I mean that seriousness.

The first thing to do is gather users, because the users make a living forum, how many users are there? How many users are spread out there? Are they loyal? Do you really care about having a forum with all its features in good condition?
Everybody rally and rally others who you know want Allegro back.
We all have to get together and see with our own eyes the real number of interested users, even if you have to line up, raise your hands and say present, the more visual the better. And here users don't have to go back, put themselves on automatic pilots and move to the front, it can be difficult to do it, but do it! Cheer up!

Second, do we have to create a new forum? Or do we continue with this? Does Matthew care? He doesn't mind if there is a new forum?
It may not be noticeable, but whether to keep this old forum or create a new one can make a big difference. It could vary in trend or innovation, which could also serve to attract new users. It pains me to admit it, since it is not practical, but young people are only carried away by fashion and popularity, a new forum with a good visual theme could be attractive to them.
Depending on the direction it's very possible that you/i have to get your hands on some disgusting marketing. Dx
It's also useful to maintain an old forum, so there should be such an option, I completely agree that things that work and work should not be broken or destroyed, and if it can be fixed, then it's fixed and that's it. It's not as if the old forum had irreversible damage, I'm speaking from its source code, from its practical and functional side. It's all up to Matthew if he wants to fix it or not. Here I ask Matthew, if all the users meet, would this motivate you to continue maintaining the forum?

Third, look for a candidate to manage the forum. I have no problem managing hosting for a more longer period of time, but a forum administrator is needed, no matter how much I apply, it's still a fact that a candidate is needed and that's the reason why everything is so close. The drift, even if I did run, I could end up as Matthew II in no time, which doesn't make sense, you need someone to put things in order or serve as the next administrator.
Definitely there will be a vote, a convenient administrator is chosen who commits himself to at least making the forum last a couple of years. It will also serve as a long trial period to see its performance.

I'm too impatient, so I'll give this 2 days and we'll see how they all develop, depending on the result, with the goal of a complete and functional allegro forum in mind, I'll do it as I see fit if I don't see significant contributions. And I don't care if there are 0 users, I'll rot in this forum like I'm doing with my personal website.


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March 2009

“Did we do anything after this?” I’ve a funny feeling we did.

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January 2001


Okay. Since I mentioned many times how discord is

Yeah, you might have mentioned that. But I never understood what the reason is for the dislike.

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