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Advance with my dialog box.
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April 2017

This's my dialog box, a simple print to start with my Visual Novel. It doesn't have anything complicated which would take me much more work and time than I do not want to have. So it lacks delays in some characters, coloration in parts, and some special effects such as swings or bleed in words or individual characters. I wish, but I'm satisfied with this.

For the typeface I have extracted several letters from the Ishar trilogy game. I have cleaned and ordered them, then I had to fill in all the missing letters, and all the missing characters, because the original font was very incomplete, it didn't even have more than 1 letter with an accent, and the eΓ±es didn't exist. So only some letters belong to Ishar, the rest is mine.

The dialog box was extracted from a lost image on reddit that only appears in the image search engine of ddg. Then I had to reprocess everything, like cleaning the image, resizing it to the right size for the screen, and then giving it transparency.

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William Labbett
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March 2004

Thumbs up from me. (I mean I think it's great).

Rodolfo Lam
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August 2015

Hey that looks super nice!

Chris Katko
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January 2002

Well done!

The text clips into the left of the box.

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