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Matthew Leverton
Supreme Loser
January 1999

I have started to use Firefox again as my primary browser. :-*

The multi-account containers is what convinced me to switch.

Member #7,827
October 2006

I never switched 8-), and I use it on Android as well. I am still salty about all the extensions breaking however, both on desktop and Android. Android has some super convoluted way to have most extensions now, but I haven't bothered to go through with it.

That said, I still need to use Chrome/Chromium for an occasional website, sadly.

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Member #2,727
September 2002

Been using Firefox as my main browser since 2002, back when it was called Phoenix. I had been using Opera for a while, but that still had the annoying ad banner in the toolbar. I use Firefox Sync to synchronize bookmarks and passwords between my laptop and phone. 8-)

For YouTube and Twitch I mostly use Chrome, mainly because of the Chromecast support.

Dizzy Egg
Member #10,824
March 2009

I'm also a Firefox faithful, never switched. Sometimes use Chrome to test SSE, Firefox doesn't play as nicely with certain things.

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Peter Hull
Member #1,136
March 2001

What do your site stats say, Matthew, is firefox usage on significant these days?

Member #934
January 2001

torhu said:

Been using Firefox as my main browser since

Netscape baby.

Of course this was circle 1995 when the whole "internet" thingy was becoming popular.

Now I use Firefox at home. Chrome at work and on my phone (Google phone)

Member #2,727
September 2002

DanielH said:

Netscape baby.

I remember using Netscape in the 90's, even Mosaic and Lynx. :o

I suppose you could use SeaMonkey when you feel nostalgic. ;D

Edgar Reynaldo
Major Reynaldo
May 2007

Member #7,536
July 2006

I never really stopped using Firefox, but I'm also salty about the broken extensions (and the SJW overlords at Mozilla).

I started using Chrome as my primary browser, but it doesn't completely satisfy me either. There's so little user settings that you can't really tune it for power use. Before I began my sick leave I was using Chrome for work related browsing, and use Firefox for personal stuff still. Though Firefox is still equipped with NoScript, AdBlock Plus, and Ghostery. So it can be a hassle to get Web sites working there. And I often don't have the patience anymore to waste 2 minutes figuring out which scripts I need to trust (and often I don't trust them, but I have no real choice). So I revert back to Chrome to just get shit done. At least I don't have Facebook or Twitter or anything like that, but Google definitely spies on me. I even broke down and enabled the Google Assistant to make my music controllable while riding my bike without having to buy an expensive device.

On mobile I've been using Brave browser for a while. I don't really trust it fully because it's proprietary, but at least it claims to be privacy/security focused. I don't really have any other complaints for now.

Peter Hull
Member #1,136
March 2001

Just got FF 89 on the automatic update. I like it!

My biggest complaint about mozilla is that they seem to be wasting a lot of money on side projects that no-one really wants (e.g. pocket) at the same time as rewarding themselves very handsomely. I think in general they have been and still are a force for good, acting as a counterbalance to Google, Apple and Microsoft who all have the in-build advantage of a 'platform' with which to nag people to install their own browser.

Also if we're talking old-skool, I distinctly remember being amazed by the performance of Netcape Navigator beta compared to Mosaic which was the best we had at the time.

Member #3,110
January 2003

Netscape 2.0 was the oldest browser I have used.

I think it was called Firebird when I switched to it from the Netscape/Mozilla bundle thing

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Rodolfo Lam
Member #16,045
August 2015

I dumped Chrome about 5 years ago, switched back to Firefox around that time. However, right now I use Edge. The old legacy Edge was interesting, but this rewrite took what was originally good from Chrome (performance, RAM usage, customization, etc.) and nothing else. So far so good, it was also a brand-new opportunity for a clean start at my Favorites web page list.

Goalie Ca
Member #2,579
July 2002

I've used firefox longer than i've used

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August 2005

Chrome at work, Brave at home, Firefox every once in a while for random things.

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Neil Roy
Member #2,229
April 2002

I been using Firefox since... I don't honestly know. Since Netscape I suppose? The only time I used something else was on Youtube for a live streaming video I watch that was really choppy with Firefox after a while, so I would use Microsoft's Edge for that, mainly because it's already on my computer. Edge seems okay, but I like Firefox and my plugins too much to switch to anything else.

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