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Windows 10 MSVC 2019 not able to find allegro_primitives.h allegro-
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October 2020


I am new to Allegro 5 and am trying to learn how to draw primitives and when I try to #include <allegro5\allegro_primitives.h> the IDE cant find the file. I have looked in the include directory and cant find that file. Is there something new in allegro5 that does not include primitives or have I done something wrong?

I would really appreciate your help
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I am really sorry but when I clicked on Manage NuGet Packages and installed Allegro5 that way I got a primitive to display on the screen which answers my question.

but thank you

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Try a complete search of your filesystem. Do you have allegro_primitives.h anywhere on your computer? There is no reason why it should be excluded.

Maybe NuGet installs it in a weird place?

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I think he installed without NuGet at first. Once he installed via NuGet, it worked if I'm reading the last part of his post correctly.

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For MSVC, NuGet is great. Easy to use. Easy to set which modules you want.

If not, then you need to go to properties and add Allegero's include and library directories to your project's include and library search list.

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