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al_get_monitor_info doesn't work
roger levy
Member #2,513
July 2002

Currently stuck with 5.2.3 due to not being able to load any of the available premade binaries (and building Allegro is a multi-day job for me) on VFX-Forth and SwiftForth.

al_get_monitor_info always returns 0 no matter what adapter number I pass in.

What could this signify? I've initialized Allegro.

Or is this a bug that's since been fixed?

Member #11,822
April 2010

I guess that is on OSX? This has been fixed in 5.2.5 - From the changelog:



Make al_get_monitor_info return the correct values for Retina displays.

roger levy
Member #2,513
July 2002

Win10. It's returning all 0's in the struct and 0 in the return value.

Edgar Reynaldo
Major Reynaldo
May 2007

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