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Commercial applicaton and allegro setup & installation
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December 2019


I would like to release commercial application based on allegro5 in the future. I have no problem to get allegro running on my Windows or Linux but I am not sure what is the proper approach when I want to ensure that the appliaction will correctly run on "all" Linux and Windows systems. So I would appreciate any advice.

My current plan is to build all libraries by my self but I cannot find list of all third party dependecies of allegro library and it's modules. Is there any list like that?

Thank you for the answers.

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June 2019

For building the library yourself, possibly this page can help you?

Member #17,215
December 2019

Hi and thanks. It looks like really good start.

Edgar Reynaldo
Major Reynaldo
May 2007

Hello archlinka,

Welcome. ;)

Since Allegro's license is essentially freeware, you can do whatever you want with it.

That said, my guide to building Allegro 5 on Windows with MinGW-W64 is a great way to start for Windows.

For Linux, I will just say right now don't bother trying to static link. Use ldd to get a list of library dependencies, and package the .so files along with your application along with a launch script that sets the LD_LIBRARY_PATH for runtime to the path to your .so files.

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