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Allegro No audio Set Loop Points for Sample instances
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June 2016

I don't find this feature. At the moment I end Up cutting my Sounds perfectly for looped playback.
Is there a way to Set Loop Points I don't See?
Or an alternative way to do this?

Also interesting Here: The Sample instance's length in Samples May differ from that of the sample... Why this?

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June 2019

I have never used this so please take this only as a suggestion of what to check, no guarantee it would work.
I am not sure if this can help you but ALLEGRO_AUDIO_STREAM apparently has functionality to loop an audio file ( And it appears (looking at the source of Allegro5) that it is possible to attach multiple streams to the mixer using
This might be of interest when using streams:

For the samples, looking at the source of Allegro5 ( there seems to be 'loop_start' and 'loop_end' variables in definition of ALLEGRO_SAMPLE_INSTANCE structure though to a noob like me it appears these are internal and not exposed to the user - it would take someone who knows programming better to answer this correctly.

Anyways, I hope this was of some help.

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