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Two dutch guys entered area 51
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November 2002


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Chris Katko
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January 2002

If the USA was even remotely a draconian state, they'd be dead or missing after doing a stunt like "attempting to walk into a high-security military base".

And EVEN IF THEY HAD ALIENS in 1950, do you think they'd be smart enough to "cover up aliens" but stupid enough to keep the evidence in the base everyone knows about?!?! Even the Catholic church plays "find the pedo" every time a pedo gets caught.


They don't just leave them there waiting for people to find them.


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July 2011

The topic sounds like the beginning of joke.

These guys may have been going with the thought, “ The best place to hide something can be in plain sight. Or where least expected” As Chris stated everyone would expect US military / intelligence to move any sensitive evidence to another un-named location. Maybe the military is banking on that expectation. hmmmmm? ;D
Or they may have been thinking “Let’s just see what all this area 51 hub bub is all about.”

In either case I agree that trying to sneak on to a highly sensitive military base in a foreign country or your own country for that matter is a horrible idea and a good way to never be heard from again.

Edgar Reynaldo
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May 2007

It sounded like a joke to me too :

Two dutch guys walked into Area 51.

And got probed by aliens.

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