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Ajedrez Online (Chess)
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April 2017

1 or 2 months ago I finished the Online Chess, although you can still play some bugs and does not have the features that makes it a more complete game.
It still has to go back plays, save and visualize the plays (it supports the ramifications of the game, but it was not programmed in Client with Allegro), and it does not warn when a game ends saying who wins.

The game is based or inspired by CHESS88 DOS. Adapted to a resolution of 320x240, it shows nicks and supports clock, and is ready to show avatars in the future.

You can play Online at this time, downloading the game for GNU/Linux. You need Allegro and GnuTLS.
When executing the downloaded application a login/registration window appears (which alternates with F4), once registered you have to close it and reopen it in login (an unresolved bug that registers but does not know).
A command entry appears, use "/match [nick1] [nick2]" in that order to play black and white.
Normally it supports multiple channels, but the Client with Allegro still does not.
It is played with the arrow keys to move the cursor and "Z" to select or deselect. You remove the game with "ESC".

If you need to know something else, you have doubts, or something does not work let me know. :)

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