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Re: Wiki spam
Thomas Fjellstrom
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June 2000

SiegeLord said:

A serious option to consider is migrating as much content as possible to GitHub.

I'm all for it. Mediawiki is such a pain in the rear. I uploaded an archive of the wiki. It contains the db dump and all uploaded media files. Someone on #allegro grabbed it.

I WILL NOT post a public link to the wiki archive (don't even ask).

keymasters1976 said:

I was taking a look at the wiki and found some articles that look like spam.

Yeah I noticed some recent spam. I think I may just lock the wiki to editing now.

Edgar Reynaldo said:

Tomasu - please don't nuke everything again...:'(

Don't worry edgar, I won't nuke the wiki. Least till things are moved.

That said, if anyone else wants to host the mediawiki based wiki, feel free! I'm kinda not interested in maintaining it for the long term anymore. I can clean up the spam, but It might not be worth doing that right now.

Decided to put it into read-only mode. People are free to do what they wish with it. IIRC all contributions that weren't Pixelate (not sure what license that was under or if we had any kind of rights to all of the articles) are under some kind of CC license.

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Been on holiday the past week - will be getting round to more ports of the old articles from Weds onwards.

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Edgar Reynaldo
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May 2007

Good to see part of Vivace on there. It's actually quite good for an introduction to Allegro.

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