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February 2018

I'm writting an ordinary tetris implementation, to get along with Allegro. Yet I have to face a simple problem. I don't actually know how can I best implement anti-lasting. Since all I'm drowing are simple lines and rectangles I might just draw it on 2 (4) or even 4 (16) times bigger bitmap, but I hope there is a better way.

By the way I'm using Allegro5 on Linux.

Bruce Perry
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April 2000

You mean anti-aliasing!

There are some solutions to your problem here :)

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The brxybrytl has you.

Member #16,810
February 2018

You're completely right! ;)

This happens to me quite often, though.

You probably saved me hours of looking this up, thanks!

PS. I think this topic should be removed to not confuse others.

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