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seeking hosing space
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November 2002

Do any of you guys know a good ( preferably free) hosting/webdomain provider ?
I'd like to start a (local) photography community.

should be:
* able to host a phpBB forum
* host a ( small !) website
* able to upload high res photo's (like flickr)

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January 2003

If it wasn't for the phpBB forum, I would say that GitHub pages might be good enough.

If you're willing to do the work of configuring the Apache/PHP/MariaDB|MySQL yourself, Amazon Web Servers does have a free tier (Last I check, for the first year at least)

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Specter Phoenix
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July 2001

It's times like this that I miss Geocities, Angelfire, etc.

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April 2001

I miss Geocities

Me too :'(
It was so incredibly terrible, but I miss the old days.

You might be able to use a service like Heroku. I'm not sure if you could actually use phpBB there, but you could use some sort of forum software I'm sure.

I would offer to host it for you, but I don't know when I would actually get around to set up your ssh account.

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January 2001

I saw the title and immediately thought you should move to Canada eh!

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