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Global Game Jam
Member #358
May 2000

Is anyone taking part in the Global Game Jam this year?

And planning to use Allegro?

Myself I'll be gone half of Saturday so I guess I'll skip this year, even though Columbus happens to have a nice space and right next to my office. But in my experience Saturday morning is the make-or-break period for each team and that's when I would be missing - so assuming I'd be the only coder and using Allegro - just wouldn't work.

Unless maybe I'll sign up but form a solo team... even if that's a bit against the spirit.

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Mark Oates
Member #1,146
March 2001

I hope I get myself to do it this year. I think the trick would be to get a team, maybe pixel artist and an audio guy. I’m always trying to do these things myself. :-[

Specter Phoenix
Member #1,425
July 2001

Nope, I've sworn off game jams due to personal life never giving me any time to actually code anything for them.

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Member #6,152
August 2005

Not this year, but after doing TINS back in October, I'd like to eventually do a Global Game Jam. Adding it to the bucket list. ;)

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