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Happy newyear
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November 2002

Best wishes for 2018 !;D

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January 2001

Happy new year! At least in this time zone it's 2018 now.

Here is a picture from our window:


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October 2009

Happy newyear :)

I'm glad Ariesnl used the correct 2018 spelling of 'new year' (now a single word 'newyear')

How embarrassing would it have been to use the old 2017 spelling which wastes a needless space char! >:(

In 2019 I heard it will be sponsored by Goodyear and we will have to start writing Happy Goodyear :'(
I'm sure we'll all quickly tire of that new spelling.

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January 2001

It's the Dutch spelling...

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Steve Terry
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March 2002

Happy New Years!

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Mark Oates
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March 2001

Happy new yearrr everybody woooo! ;D

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September 2003

Happy new year too all :-)

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