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Al_save_bitmap problem 2 (solved)
alex glez
Member #16,757
October 2017

Hello, just thank the help of the forum partners. The problem was that instead of compiling it in visual studio as (-release-) I did it in mode (-debug-). Now it only takes 8 seconds with my old cpu. I'm a novice in this, I'm from the time of the msx, zx spectrum, amstrad, comodore ... Thanks and best regards.

Member #12,636
March 2011

Yeah, with contemporary C and C++ compilers, the performance of a debug and a release build may differ greatly. And I, and many people here used Allegro from the DOS days onwards. Things have gotten more complicated, but Allegro5 does its best to wrap most of it in a friendly, easy to use API. So no worries, I think you'll get the hang of it step by step.

Edgar Reynaldo
Member #8,592
May 2007

Uhm, no, that's bonkers. Talkin willy wonka here. Turning optimizations off and enabling debugging should make it take longer to run, not less time.

Personally I wouldn't consider this solved.

Oh, I see. It was slow because it was debug mode. English can be confusing, especially when you don't like to read.

alex glez
Member #16,757
October 2017

I suppose it is a combination of factors, slow cpu, debug mode, big photo .. and apologies for the translation. Thanks to all for the help

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