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Any easy way to play .mov videos in Allegro?
Peter Gill
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January 2015

So, this project is a fair ways off for me, but I plan on trying to update my favorite game of all time, Riven, using all the original assets. The only problem I foresee running into is that as far as I can tell, Allegro only supports OGG video (theora + vorbis) and the Riven videos are in .mov format. So, basically, short of converting the files (which I largely don't want to do because of the likely quality loss that would inflict), what would my options be?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions! :) I'm asking this so far in advance of actually being able to implement it because the question has really been bothering me.

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March 2011

Well, you cannot have your pie and eat it. If you don't want to convert the resources, then you or some other kind soul will have to write a driver. Any existing open source mov player libraries around to base ourselves on?
Edit, maybe this:

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