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Does anybody remember The Golden Floppy?
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April 2002

Neil, did you know Matthew has the entire SpeedHack history hosted here [] in theory, including downloads?

Ah nice, didn't know that, thanks. I'm a bit of a packrat and have tons of old stuff laying around my computer. Some I backed up on CD years ago. I still have some BASIC stuff from 1995 and earlier I messed around with! :D

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October 2006

Wooo, Thomas Harte! I recall some pretty sweet triangle rasterization algorithms you created.

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Chris Katko
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January 2002

I miss us all working together on something. Even finding bugs. It felt like we were working toward something special.

Hopefully when I get my health fixed (got my first injection of an exotic drug... we'll see ::fingers crossed::) I'll have hours to dedicate toward projects and maybe we can work together. Or even, I'll find some obscure Allegro bugs and forward them here.

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