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TINS rules discussion thread
Member #940
January 2001

Here are the rules:

**** There will be 1 genre rule

genre rule #119
Theme: Doctors & Health

**** There will be 2 artistical rules

artistical rule #87
The game shall have a pause mode where all the characters dance to a funky tune

artistical rule #83
The game must include a silly weapon or powerup.

**** There will be 1 technical rule

technical rule #40
Use a morphing effect somewhere in the game.

**** There will be 1 bonus rule

Bonus rule #4
Act of Youtube: you can opt out of a single rule if you make a video related to your game in any way and publish it before the deadline of the competition (on whatever you like, Youtube is not a must). It could be a gameplay demonstration video, a time lapse of your code's screenshots, a video of your workplace for the game or even a video dancing like a chicken while screeching "hi, my game is good". It needs to be explicit that the video was done for this game (and not just for anything you might had done before).

The rules page has some additional comments
What are your thoughts?

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August 2005

Just read through them. Got a few different ideas I could run with. Hmmm.

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Neil Black
Member #7,867
October 2006

I thought the competition didn't start for another hour and a half? Good thing I didn't dawdle on my way home from work.

Specter Phoenix
Member #1,425
July 2001

I, sadly, had to withdraw from the competition. Thankfully it wasn't due to health issues this time, but it was due to my messed up sleep schedule [up all night, sleep part of the day] and my responsibilities to my wife and son whom have been having rough nights. I still plan to work on it and release it at a later time, but there is no way I can make the deadline. I wish everyone the best on their entries.

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Neil Black
Member #7,867
October 2006

I too have to back out. Between my work schedule and the 22nd being my birthday I've ended up with about twelve hours of TINS time, most of which I spent figuring out A5 because I put off doing that until the last minute.

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