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Weird Spanish Katy Perry Video, "Trust The Fox"?
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October 2017

Did you guys see it? ::) A friend of mine gave me the link to the video, but man, that video just made me cringe, and I almost wanted to die of laughter. Many people think it's creepy, but to me I don't think it's creepy at all, or... :-/

I don't know which word I can use to that... ???

Here is the video if you guys are curious to watch it:

Bob Keane
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June 2006

I only watched a few seconds,but it is a joke right? There is no way any artist would seriously release a video of such poor quality.

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Hi Randall Monroe.

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October 2017

Nobody commented on this thread, so I'll be the first one to answer on what you said. :-X

#1 - No, it is not a joke, and we will never know what the background of the video is or the YouTube channel itself. :-/

#2 - You have to watch it full to find out what it actually is, but it may contain loud and distorted audio near fifteen seconds, so be sure to lower your volume. :P

That's all I have to reply now. Be safe. ;)

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April 2002

I download the video and fed it into Audacity. After reversing the audio it sounds like some sort of Japanese song. Definitely been reversed for that video. I don't think it's anything official, just someone's drug induced creation.

Oh, and I watched it to the end and it didn't make any sense what so ever. There was nothing at the end to explain it except whomever made it has mental issues.

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October 2017

Hi guys, Mr. Rich Boi here. Sorry if this thread is still up. I'm pretty much sure that if anyone is interested in the video and want to know more about it, they will pretty much be likely to go here. When I contacted the creator of the video on e-mail, this is what he/she sent me back. (I guess due to the Chinese translation. I fixed the grammar up a bit so you'd probably read it a little bit clearly.): ???

"Subliminal stimuli and the demon both have nothing to do with the video, let alone Satanic organizations. Due to the repetition of the clips, the film causes reactions such as confusion, laughter, or terror. Some others may feel uncomfortable, or mind-boggled. The film may also cause dizziness or sometimes nausea due to the flashing colors and how loud the distortion of the audio sounds. On the other hand, reactions such as happiness, confusion or tears depend on what you see in the entire video." :o

So, what do you think guys?

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July 2006


This thread is clickbait. Do not bother watching the video. The OP (who is new to the forums) probably is the author or a friend trying to spread it in hopes of it becoming popular.

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October 2017

First of all, bamccaig, I am NOT the creator of the video. I just contacted TRUSTDAFOX about the video on Gmail days ago. If you want to see proof, All I can say is that I have an image of the message here: >:(

Second of all, I don't know why you're accusing people of things, just because they have found something days ago. This thread ain't clickbait, so don't even get started with me. :(

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