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Time I must say Goodbye to Allegro 4.2
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April 2012

I think it's time I should say goodbye to the 4.2 even though I'm going on my head and taking my own game seriously. However, this is not the bullet hell I was talking about. But, this time, a game based-on both Snow Bros and Funky with the mixture of Kirby.

Game asides, I decided to switch to Allegro 5 and continue refreshing myself to C++ because the one responsible for Mappy abandon his/her project and not having a reply from that person nor the website is active. I know it's late for me to use that version of Allegro 4.2 but this must be done, somehow (of course, you know and I'm sure you will tell me the same). I also think of switching to Tiled Map Editor and it won't be easy for me to make something to work for Allegro 5. I'll let you know if I can ask for help. For now, I have to deal with my work at a time and take some research.

Eric Johnson
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January 2013

Well done on making the switch to Allegro 5. A lot of people are still bound to Allegro 4 either due to ease of use or nostalgia, but hardware and software has moved on since the olden days of earlier Allegro versions, so embrace Allegro 5. :)

I don't have any experience with either Mappy nor Tiled Map Editor, but by all means, feel free to ask any Allegro or programming related questions here on the forum. We're often more than happy to lend a helping hand.

Gideon Weems
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October 2003

It's about time!

There's some exciting stuff going on with Allegro, and the person who posted above me has a hand in some of it--namely, an interest/demand for running games in-browser has pushed at least a little development (though mostly awareness of past developments) in that direction.

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March 2011

My Rpg engine uses Allegro 5 and has partial tiled map editor support. Feel free to take a look to see how to do it. :

And welcome to Allegro 5.😊

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April 2002

I forced myself to learn to use Allegro 5 years ago and came back here for help many times. I am glad I did as it is a much nicer beast with modern features. Not difficult at all to use.

As for map editors, I always make my own. In fact, when I work on a game, I always make the map editor first. For my Deluxe Pacman 1 game, I created the editor with Allegro 4, and with Deluxe Pacman 2, I created the editor with Allegro 5. It helped me get used to programming Allegro 5 as well as iron out how I wanted my map format to be. By the time I started coding the game itself, I had levels already created and ready to test the game out with and I understood how I wanted the map levels to be laid out data wise.

I highly recommend programming your own level editor from scratch, it's very satisfying to do and you can include it with your game which extends the life of your game as the people love to make their own levels (I had some that created over 500 levels for my Deluxe Pacman 2, which astounded me).

They're not difficult to code. With my Deluxe Pacman 2 editor I was proud of it as it was super simple to use the way I designed it. You just drew the level like you would with a pencil and paper, drag the mouse around and the lines were put in place logically... levels were fast and simple to create etc... give it a shot!

Deluxe Pacman 1 & 2 (free) with source code available

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