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How to make a audio frequency displayer?
divyesh ladva
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September 2016

I want to make a Microsoft media player clone. It will only play audio files more specifically mp3 and wav files. I want some help on how to make visualizations, like in the image I attached. I don't know much of allegro audio functions. Sorry for that. Thanks for help ;)

Arthur Kalliokoski
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February 2005

I attached a zipfile that has source to something similar, meant to tune a guitar by finding the highest value of an FFT for a given note. It doesn't even compile anymore but it might give you some ideas.

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Chris Katko
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January 2002

FFT is definitely what's used to make that. Read up on FFT.

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May 2000

ex_mixer_pp which comes with Allegro also could be useful.

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