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Todd Cope
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November 2000

We've just posted the first public release of our new music application, OMO. You can use OMO to play back many different music file formats. Here is the list of currently supported formats:


OMO currently supports playing back files in these formats on all supported platforms: MOD, S3M, XM, IT, WAV, OGG, FLAC, AY, GBS, GYM, HES, KSS, NSF, SAP, SPC, VGM, and VGZ.

Additional support for these formats is available on MacOS: MP2, MP3, MP4, M4A, AAC, and MID.

Linux and MacOS also support these additional formats: 669, AMF, MTM, OKT, PSM, PTM, and STM.

OMO can play back files within archives and multi-song files, treating each individual song as a separate queue item. OMO's extensive tagging system is built with the goal of allowing you to get maximum enjoyment from your music collection. OMO's library view allows you to see all of your music and find what you want quickly. The library view shows you all artists, albums, and songs in your collection. You can filter by artist and/or album by making the appropriate selection in the list boxes. Double-clicking an artist will queue up all songs from that artist. Double-clicking an album will queue up all songs in that album.

This is an early preview version, so not everything is complete yet. Things we are going to be adding include:

  • Tag sharing. You'll be able to share your tags and other users with the same music files will be able to pull those tags from an online database.

  • Track splitting. OMO currently supports splitting of tracks internally, but there is no user-facing mechanism to access this feature. This will be useful for breaking up files with multiple songs where this information is not specified in the format. For example, some music from pinball games had multiple songs in one MOD file.

  • Theme support. OMO already has a theming system, but there is no user-facing mechanism to allow you to select a new theme. W would like to include several themes in the base package. Users will, of course, be able to make and share their own themes. The default theme is based on Atom Editor.

  • More music formats. We would like to at least get MIDI support working on all platforms. We are also open to adding support for other formats.

Here is a screenshot:


Download links:

OMO v0.1 Windows
OMO v0.1 MacOS (10.6+)
OMO v0.1 Ubuntu 32-Bit
OMO v0.1 Ubuntu 64-Bit
OMO v0.1 Source Code

Note: When building from source (as of the time of this post), you will not be able to use the folder selector on Linux. This is due to it not being implemented in Allegro. The packaged versions were built with a patched version of Allegro that implements the folder selector. You will need the folder selector to set up the music library (you can manually set it up by editing the settings.ini file if you need to). You can grab the patch from this thread.

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September 2003

That's nice, just a pity it require extra work for it to work directly on linux.
I'll wait until you patch is merged with allegro.
Good job by the way :-)

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October 2006

Tried the deb package, seems to work on my Ubuntu. As you're using Allegro, consider using al_set_window_constraints to set up some minimum sizes for your windows, as when you make them to small the buttons end up being somewhat smooshed.

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Todd Cope
Member #998
November 2000

SiegeLord said:

consider using al_set_window_constraints to set up some minimum sizes for your windows

This is something we have planned already. We'll be releasing v0.2 fairly soon.

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