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Real-time display of raw video data from a file
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January 2017


I have a file on disk which contains raw video data in a format not supported by Allegro (each 32-bit word contains two 10-bit pixel samples in luma and chroma format). All I'd like to do is display this data as a series of images.

I'm thinking the way is to write and register my own bitmap loader function, which does the format conversion as it's reading the data from the file. My question would be is this the best way to do it? The file contains multiple images and ideally I'd like to update the display at the original frame rate (60fps).

Any examples or existing code would be useful...

*EDIT* :

My video data is actually a block of data in memory which I write to a file, so a better solution for me would be to display the block of data in memory before it gets written to the disk file...would this make the task easier or more difficult?


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