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My first Game using my own engine :
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October 2016

Finally, a first playable prototype of my tower defense platformer with MugenEngine using Allegro5. ^^

Sample code :

Eric Johnson
Member #14,841
January 2013

A tower defense... platformer? :o Just when I thought I had seen everything, this happens. :)

That's really cool. I admire your creativity. :D Your sample code looks well-organized, but I can't say much beyond that (I'd have to see more).

Is the game available for download? I'd like to play it, and I know my brother, who is a big fan of tower defense games, would probably love it. :)

Member #16,572
October 2016

Thanks ^^,

I'll post a beta version soon, I just need to implement more friendly controller option (to custom your buttons).

It's a multiplayer local game, you can play with 1-4 players (even more if you want).

Eric Johnson
Member #14,841
January 2013

I look forward to it. :)

Mark Oates
Member #1,146
March 2001

Dude, that's amazing! :o

What language is that?

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March 2002

Nice idea for a game but it looks hard to play.

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Member #16,572
October 2016

Thanks all :),

I use c++11/14, I use some #define macros for simplified the code.
Yes it's a bit hard to play, but it's the aim. I want to mix skill, strategy and crafting. ;)

Chris Katko
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January 2002

I would love to hear about your code. It looks very well architected.

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Member #16,572
October 2016

Thanks :),
But my code need to be cleaned, not very well documented, not very readable except to me.
if you are curious, you can look at the Git depot of the engine:
(Sorry, it's very "rough" !)

Commits :

Includes :

Sources :

The principle of the engine is based on a "Clip", before all, you need to make a "root" clip.
Afterward, you can create child Clips who inherit the parent parameters.
You can make layers, scenes, tilemaps or anything with clip.
You can attach a component to the clip, to determinate his nature or even detach this one.
You can create your own component to extend features.
You can change anything at runtime. It's like ECS I think.
You can clone the clip too.

My aim is to create a very flexible engine for create different type of 2D games.

Samuel Henderson
Member #3,757
August 2003

Looks like fun! Nice work!

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