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Allegro Texture Packer released
Member #16,618
January 2017

I ported the amazing and simple to use libGDX texture packer to Allegro:

Allegro-Texture-Packer on GitHub

All documentation is in the link above. Now you can easily pack your images to improve drawing efficiency. Enjoy

Chris Katko
Member #1,881
January 2002

That's really neat. Here's some docs on it for those curious what it does:

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Gideon Weems
Member #3,925
October 2003

Every one should be aware of this. You seem to have designed it well, too. Thank you for sharing.

Member #16,618
January 2017

Thanks for your kind words! The texture packer API allows you to drop it in and replace your existing bitmap drawing calls with barely any changes.

Rodolfo Lam
Member #16,045
August 2015

Really great! This feature of LibGDX has always been awesome, but I have always preferred Allegro. Thank you!

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