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December 2016

I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, but why does the forum not allow you to view all previous posts in a thread? With the current system of having to enter the approximate date of a post, it seems like many posts are lost to the void since no one will see them in the first place once they fall off the new post page.

Eric Johnson
Member #14,841
January 2013

You mean all previous threads in a given board, right? If so, I agree. Threads are locked and archived much too quickly. Maybe it's done to reduce queries to the database and save bandwidth. I don't really know. Take it up with Matthew Leverton.

Member #7,536
July 2006

Note: the entire site should still be available, so Google might have better luck searching the entire site. E.g., The site is accessible. It's not necessarily accessible for generic browsing, but odds are most of that isn't very interesting, and you won't find what you're looking for just shooting in the dark. Albeit, it would be fun for nostalgia. :) I'm sure if you get creative you can Google for that nevertheless. ML is pretty busy these days I hear so I doubt the site will receive many updates unless traffic picks up significantly. :)

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April 2001

Thread locks too soon!!! ;-)

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