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Feature Request: Display DPI
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January 2017

It would be very nice to know either the exact DPI or an rough estimate of it. On a retina iPad Pro, 100 pixels is extremely small, while on an older Android phone, it is quite visible. One solution would be to draw using percentages, but a widget that is 10% height on an old Android phone looks normal, but on a huge iPad 10% would be absurdly large.

I don't see anything in the Allegro docs for this, so for now I am writing platform-specific code to determine the DPI for every platform I support, and using that to determine how large to draw things. But knowing this value would be quite useful for rendering, especially for HUD / menu drawing.

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May 2000

Yes, this is the most obvious and most often requested missing feature I think:

It's also really easy to implement, not sure why nobody has submitted a patch yet.

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