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Your internet speed
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July 2006


The download actually seems high this time. Though I normally check with, I normally get ~20-25 down, but ~2 or 3 up. I think that's close to what I pay for, but Canadian prices somewhat suck. I pay about CAD$80 per month for this. The ping to was also crap, but then again my finacee is also streaming right now. Normally my ping is more reasonable in about the 70 ms range. said 28 mbps down. said 29 down, but only 0.75 up. All in all, pretty typical for my connection. It suits me most of the time. If I could afford more bandwidth I might go for it, but this is already unreasonable pricing IMO. Plus I have so many other wants that are out of reach that Internet ranks pretty low on my list of nexts.

Like many, I have canceled cable/TV. I also canceled home phone. Those each add about $50 and $20 respectively to my bill, and I don't really need either one. I canceled them both and that's how I "afford" my cell phone.

My phone usually sucks for data. Most of the time if I try to use the Web browser it just stalls constantly. It's probably not worth what I pay (another $80). That said, I tried from my phone with wifi turned off. It seems I'm currently connected using LTE so that might explain the somewhat reasonable speeds of 13 mbps down and 2 mbps up. I wonder if it's a faked/fraud amount though because normally my phone is next to useless on mobile data.

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December 2004

Do you guys know about

I actually got twice the rating with


How are so many people using such bad internet?

Try living on an island. ;)

Chris Katko
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January 2002


Try living on an island. ;)

You poor poor soul. :P

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May 2000

In the US outside of cities there is zero competition - you have to pick the one provider serving your area and pay whatever they ask for crappy service :(

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August 2006

I'm both jealous of all you people getting super fast speeds for less than I pay for 20 Mbps, and thankful that I actually can get even that fast. I don't think I could do 2.xx Mbps, especially with more than one person on the internet.

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July 2006

I experienced 2 mbps with 3 people on wifi last week taking care of my aunt's house. It was horrible. I ended up having to replay a single player game because CS:GO was lagging too badly. But alas, that's still fun. :P

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