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Mayhem 2 - migrated to Allegro 5 & Raspberry Pi
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January 2017

I've seen a number a posts about running Allegro 5 based games on the Raspberry Pi, so I thought I'd let you know about Mayhem 2, which has recently been ported to allegro 5.2 (from 4.4) and runs well on a Raspberry Pi (really well on a Pi 2&3).

Its been a challenge, but an enjoyable one.

Mark Oates
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March 2001


That's amazing! :o

Thank you so much for sharing! :D

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September 2003

Nice work there. I wasn't aware of that port. The GFXs are awesome !

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Eric Johnson
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January 2013

Very cool. I like the graphics. :D

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January 2001

Very nice work
I wonder if we can get a RPi setup with a bunch of free allegro games together.

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January 2017

Thanks for the comments.

The new levels were created by my mate, Lee, who is artist for a games company. All the more impressive as they are only 8 bit.

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