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My Allegro5 Menu System
Member #16,347
May 2016

What do you think of my system?
How good is the design?

Michael Branin
Member #15,864
January 2015

Played around with this. its nice But out of the box It puts the tex off the button. to get it to draw the text correctly I had to modify the draw texts lines

al_draw_text(mainmenu.buttonFont, buttonTextColor[1], gameWidth / 2 , mainmenu.y[1] + buttonFontSize, ALLEGRO_ALIGN_CENTER, "START");

and remove the portion of code + buttonFontSize for each line that drew a button.

Also straight of of the box the background image is too small (your res art folder) But that was an easy fix.

Member #11,410
October 2009

Any reason for not using a GUI lib with layouts like GWEN or Agui ?

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