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[A5] al_draw_text() not drawing a character
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April 2002

I just updated my game and changed the year for the Copyright and I noticed that now, suddenly, it doesn't display the entire text where it used to. Here's the line...

al_draw_text(font_verdana, al_map_rgb_f(1, 1, 1), WIDTH / 2, HEIGHT - 32, ALLEGRO_ALIGN_CENTRE, "Copyright ©2016 by Neil Roy");

The problem occurs at the © symbol. Now it just displays "Copyright" on screen and that's it. Not exactly certain what's up with that, it used to work just fine. Not that it's all that important, I can display it without the symbol, but it would be nice to know what is wrong as it will still bug me.

EDIT: Nevermind. Somehow the encoding on Code::Blocks got changed back to System Default. Changing it to UTF-8 (what it used to be) fixed it.

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