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August 2015

Good Morning :)

Is anyone able to advise please?

I'm just reserving samples in my code.

At present I've done:


But actually I'm probably going to need more than that, but the actual number is unclear now I thought I could simply be greedy and reserve all the samples I could get:

1int reservedSamples = 0; 2int i = 100; 3bool success = false; 4 5do 6{ 7 success = al_reserve_samples(i); 8 i -= 1; 9}while(success == false || i > 0); 10 11if(!success) 12 printf("Sorry, can't play any sounds today!");

But I suspect there a many credible reasons not to do this.

Alternatively, can you call al_reserve_samples(n) multiple successful times? If so does it reserve n additional samples, or does it simply adjust the reserved sample count?

What do you think is the best way to go?



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March 2011

This function sets the amount of samples connected to a default mixer available. The amount of samples, in essence determines how many sounds you will be able to play on top of each other. Unless you're making a very aurally intensive game, something like 8 to 16 samples for 8 to 16 sounds in parallel will be enough. There's not much sense to loop around it to be greedy, having too many samples may possibly lower performance.

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May 2000

If you need more control, don't use al_reserve_samples at all and just create the required sample instances yourself - that way you can limit the amount of concurrent sounds based on the sample (e.g. if you have 500 bullet sounds, don't make that drown out everything else).

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roger levy
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July 2002

what's the best way to know when to delete sample instances after they've finished playing?

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March 2011

If it's a one shot sound , then just check al_get_sample_instance_playing, say, once every second or so using a timer, and delete the instance if it isn't playing anymore.

Thomas Fjellstrom
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June 2000

I really wanted to have "instance finished" events. :( I wonder if that's a thing that can happen.

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August 2015

Hi guys,

Apologies for being awol.Thank you for your posts and advice.

Roger, I'd suggest creating a SampleManager class (this is pretty much what I've ended up doing) that manages all your sample instances, you could give it a update function which checks each sample instance and destroys them once they are done. You guess you could either poll update, or do it on a timer... You may even be able to run it in a separate thread, but I imagine there are all sorts of complexities with destroying objects from a separate thread.

Just thoughts :)

Thanks again for everyone's advice.

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