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So what is everyone up to?
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April 2002

We done this once before and I liked reading what everyone was working on, so I thought I would start it again. It's always interesting to see what other people are doing.

I'm still working on my Deluxe Pacman 2 game, a total remake of my original game. The original was made using Allegro 4, this one uses Allegro 5, written in C etc...

This is my level editor for the game, I have posted videos of it before, you can draw the levels with your mouse, it is extremely easy to use and only takes a few minutes to make a level from scratch. I am quite proud of it to be honest.

The main menu of my game, but buttons all respond if the mouse is over them, or clicked on, there is three separate graphics for each of the button states.

And a shot of level 1 of my game at this time...

Member #8,726
June 2007

I am working on an overhead turn based squad strategy RPG game set in the near future during/just after the collapse of the global civilization.

Here are some screenshots.



I am about 1-2 months away from releasing a playable beta.

I used Allegro 4.4 to make this as I started before Allegro 5 was released. I hope to port it over to 5 but only when the game is finished. Thankfully I prepared myself for the transition by separating nearly all the allegro dependent code out into its own functions and files from the start.

Member #2,229
April 2002

Yodhe23 said:

I am working on an overhead turn based squad strategy RPG game set in the near future during/just after the collapse of the global civilization.

That's looking good! Your game would really benefit from the blending that Allegro 5 provides as well. But I like how it looks thus far.

Trent Gamblin
Member #261
April 2000

Member #8,726
June 2007

Thanks, I certainly had to be creative the Allegro 4 blending routines, not to hit the CPU too hard, and work within their limiting scope. I am certainly looking forward to using some pixel shaders for fancy effects when I "upgrade" the code. However I am half tempted to release this game with Allegro 4 as a "freebie"/publicity "Game 1". Then do a second paid-for version of the game "Game II" with Allegro 5, and take advantage of 10+ years of 3d modelling experience, and do it in 3D, but retain an overhead perspective, but allow the player some adjustment of the camera. But it will all depend on if people like it, as I sincerely doubt the financial reward is there to do it.

I am also looking forward to trying out Trent's new game Baryon. You have my sympathies in regards to your last team, which is why I work on my own, after too many times being let down by others who didn't have the "staying power" to see something to a decent completion.

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March 2011

Trent, I'm also working on an RPG. My engine is less far along but I have plenty of ideas. You can see more info as well as screenshots here: .

I was also abandoned by some team, even before it started. Now I realize this is my dream, and only people who have the same dream will stay. I didn't find anyone with the same vision yet. Oh well, I'll just keep on working on it slowly, and with any luck I'll have something nice after 5 to 10 years. :)

Jeff Bernard
Member #6,698
December 2005

A picture of my current game would just be a blank screen! I'm currently re-doing parts of my engine to no longer load from XML (changing to more of a SQL-esque DB-like format), and I haven't yet re-done any of my Map/Tile systems. So, since you can't load a map, you can't draw anything to the screen. :P

After that it's on to the map editor. Or, I'd been thinking about another map system that might be interesting to implement (auto-skewing rectangle tiles to create an isometric map (my art assets are all rectangle and I don't want to have to edit them/get new ones)), but I haven't looked into how easy it would be to do with A5 yet, nor have I even decided if that's what I want for my game. Other than that, the engine itself is probably mostly done, just game-specific code remaining.

I'm currently planning an Adventure/Strategy game, but I work on this only slowly and sporadically (started around the time A4.9 first came around), so the actual game I make could be very different from what I've got planned.

I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.

Trent Gamblin
Member #261
April 2000

Good to see people still work on games around here :).

Thomas Fjellstrom
Member #476
June 2000

I'm not :(

At least not directly. One of my current projects is a tool to prune mine craft saves of useless chunks. I'm making it way more complicated than absolutely necessary but I don't want it to be just another hack. Has full NBT support, loads/saves modern format regions, there's a nbt viewer demo written with qt. And the map pruner will use lua for all of the detection and processing logic. Lua is a bit of a pain to figure out, but I'll get it.

Other current project is my Google reader clone. I'm making decent progress on that.

Thomas Fjellstrom - [website] - [email] - [Allegro Wiki] - [Allegro TODO]
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October 2009

@Trent, really nice Game and Engine you got there! :)

Member #88
April 2000


I haven't been working on this for a while due to a bunch of non-game projects. I'll be back on it shortly. It's a 4-player local co-op shooter. It's not a really big game, so I'm not worried about the work load. Coding is nearly complete... I was working on the boss battles when I put it on hold.

Otherwise, I'm trying to push out another Moai update this weekend. Just some bug fixes and a compatibility update that allows it to load newer BMP files with non 40-byte headers.

Graphic file formats used to fascinate me, but now I find them rather satanic.

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November 2010

I'm still working on my component-based game engine; this has turned into basically writing my own scripting language in a way, which has been interesting. But I haven't had much time to work on it; I've been working an average of about 50 hours a week for a month now and the chances are that I will continue to work these kinds of hours until I go off to college in the fall. I'm hoping I'll have time in college to finish something, if I don't miraculously finish something before then.

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Ingo Maurischat
Member #14,951
February 2013

I'm working on a seven level shooter game which is the last part of a twenty examples project for the book which I am currently writing.

"Objective-C und Allegro 5"

Max Savenkov
Member #4,613
May 2004

I'm waiting for a hired artist to finish work on my remake of "Island of Dr. Destructo", Return of Dr. Destructo.

In the meantime, I'm planning a new game, which can be roughly described by this formula: Quazatron+Pixelships+Rogue. I'm going to begin work on it in a few days and maybe have a level generator demo in a week or two, and then we'll see.

Member #1,739
December 2001

I poke at my roleplaying website sometimes.
Latest features is hunting and eating, but I have not published this to public server.
I really need to put more time into this.

Kris Asick
Member #1,424
July 2001

I'm working on a rather epic twin-stick 2D shooter called "Vectorzone" that will have a huge amount of customization, will debut my best music compositions to date, and a rather unique level-creation system where you actually get a say in how the pseudo-randomizer does its thing, at the risk of causing bad things to happen if you try to misbalance the results in or against your favour. :)

I'd post screenshots but I haven't actually done much work on it in the past few weeks and what I've got on my website so far is horribly out of date. Nevertheless, if you wanna get an idea of the direction I'm going with it, head here:

I've also had to make massive design changes more than once, which is partly why it's been taking so long. :-/

--- Kris Asick (Gemini)

Member #2,229
April 2002

I'm working on a rather epic twin-stick 2D shooter called "Vectorzone"

I love your choice of colours for that game. I remember when you posted it in the Depot part of the forums. Looks promising. Great idea on level creation with penalties.

Trent, nice looking videos.

I love seeing what other people are working on, kind of motivates me to finish what I have. :)

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October 2006

Binding Allegro5 to Rust. In a couple of weeks I should be done!

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Trent Gamblin
Member #261
April 2000

I'd be interested in trying the Rust bindings when you're done maybe.

Erin Maus
Member #7,537
July 2006

Still working on my games... This one is coming along nicely after I refactored my C#/OpenGL 3 forward compatible/Allegro5 game library thing:




It used to look like this in-game:


But right now it's just a spinning box with a high-res DOOM 1 "UAC" crate...

ItsyRealm, a quirky 2D/3D RPG where you fight, skill, and explore in a medieval world with horrors unimaginable.
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Member #12,996
July 2011

I stopped working on my game for about a year so that I could spend my programming free time trying to get allegro 5 android support to work right. But before that I was working on a 3D hack'n'slash using OpenGL and a 2D platformer game which was written in Allegro. I also had planned on contributing to the allegro 5.1 wip codebase, but I can't even get the thing running.

Member #14,202
April 2012

I'm currently working on a bullet hell game using Allegro 4.2. The game I'm planning is based-on mostly ESP Rade and ESP Galuda but can be inspired with Dodonpachi Resurrection, Bug Princess Series, & Deathsmiles. Right now, I'm having a hard of making a sprite character but will also think of making an enemy ships and stuff. That same goes on composing music, I have to think about it as well.

Arthur Kalliokoski
Second in Command
February 2005

hmph... I'm in a bit of a funk. I feel like a caterpillar metamorphosing into, if not a butterfly, at least something else. Maybe it's a type of second childhood. Only time will tell.

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André Silva
Member #11,991
May 2010

I'm working on a rhythm game based on Mother 3's combo system. It's been on Sourceforge for quite a bit, now.
I've been meaning to release the latest version forever now! I still need to test it on my sister's computer, just to see if everything is fine and dandy, but I never find the time to do it... One of these yea- err... days, I'll take care of it.

Trent Gamblin
Member #261
April 2000

Still making progress on that game I posted about before. More videos are available but I'm not making them as often since now they hard to capture without doing a screen recording (which isn't that hard, but less convenient.) Here's a page with all of them:

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