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Installation on code::blocks
Member #14,693
November 2012

I migrated from that old beta devc++ to codeblocks and i installed mingw and i am trying to install Allegro. In devc++ i installed it through devpak. In codeblocks i am tryiing to find non directx installation. Where I can find it?

Edgar Reynaldo
Major Reynaldo
May 2007

What version of MinGW do you have? See if there is a matching version of A5 binaries on the files page of and use those if you can.

Member #14,693
November 2012

Fine I have found precompiled version, but now i am trying to compile allegrogl because I can't find precompiled version of alleggl. There is this
Windows: Unzip the archive. First run 'fix msvc' or 'fix mingw32' depending on
which compiler you will be using (You'll also need to run vcvars32.bat
if you're building with MSVC).
Then simply run 'make' followed by
'make install' to build the library and install it.
You can use the DEBUGMODE=1 switch if you need to the debug build of
the library.,
but there is no install only in misc.
Which file do I have to make?

Member #5,313
December 2004

alleggl is an A4 addon. Unless you have a very good reason to, you should use A5, which already has built in support for OpenGL.

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