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preloaded resources
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June 2012

I'm using Allegro 5.1.2 and have all resources embedded in exe through zip.
On application start I unpack archive and get files one by one already loaded in memory.
So there is simple question I didn't found answer to (on site, wiki or forums):
Can allegro use that already preloaded data for resources somehow? Maybe through ALLEGRO_FILE_INTERFACE???
thx in advance;)

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February 2005

Do you have the examples? Check out ex_memfile.c.

Also in the manual:

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June 2012

Oh, thank you, that's just what I was needed:)
Wondering about why I didn't find it by myself...

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October 2006

You can also skip the manual unpacking step and mount the archive directly with PhysFS (using PHYSFS_mountMemory) and then use the standard Allegro loading functions via the PhysFS addon.

PHYSFS_mountMemory(zip_data_ptr, zip_data_length, NULL, ".zip", NULL, 0);
al_load_bitmap("blah.bmp") // Will try loading from the zip file first

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June 2012

"You can also skip the manual unpacking step and mount the archive directly with PhysFS (using PHYSFS_mountMemory [])"

Yep, I saw this function on physfs manual, but it is now only in unstable version of physfs 2.1.0.
I've tried out the function, but there was many strange run-time errors and I rolled back to 2.0.2.

Now I'm using minizip from zlib distribution and "Justin Fletcher very simple implementation of a memory access method for the ioapi code (" from here
and that all works perfectly!

P.S. sorry for my english

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