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Our latest Allegro game "Left 2 Die" is soon ready to be released
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April 2007

During the last months I've got a lot of help from this forum in how do convert my project from Allegro 4 to Allegro 5. Now I thought it was time to show what I've been working on.

As you can see it's a top down old school shoot'em up game and being a tribute to another old game released to the PC (and other platforms) in the early 90s.

Hope you enjoy the screenshots. More screenshots and other news regarding the game will be released on our website, forum, Facebook and Google+ page. And most likely here too.

Again, thanks everyone who helped answering my questions!

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July 2003

Looks nice. I hope you're not going to end up doomed for using copyrighted material in your game. :P

Ron Novy
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March 2006

Those levels and textures are very recognizable to anyone who has played the game a lot. Looks cool though. ;)

Oh... Bieber! I thought everyone was chanting Beaver... Now it doesn't make any sense at all. :-/

Neil Walker
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April 2000

Interesting name ;)

It looks really nice. What would make it though is, if you can, add some lighting/shadows (or just lighting to make some of the screens darker) to add to the suspense and let the player be attacked from the dark, etc.....

Unless it does that already? hard to tell from the screenshots.

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April 2007

Shadows and dark areas are in the game, however screenshots of those areas look really boring on a static screenshot so we decided to not show them.

Regarding using copyrighted material there are plently of tribute games out there and our game is most likely one of those that have had most remade content of them all. All sprites for characters have been made from scratch compared with other games. Since they are allowed to be available on the net I don't see why our game shouldn't be allowed.
Also all floor textures have been reduced to 50% size loosing a lot of its "highres" quality so we are not just spreading the original content.

Finally it will be freeware so we won't make any money on it...
...but if anyone have contacts within IDsoftware I would be happy to contact them. I've tried (and also Bethesta) but got no reply on either email.

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