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I do not receive a resize event when toggling fullscreen?
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October 2009

Using 5.0.5 on Windows 7 32bit MSVC 2008 SP1
I think this is a bug. When I do:

bool result = al_toggle_display_flag(context,ALLEGRO_FULLSCREEN_WINDOW,fullscreen);

I would expect to get a resize event telling me the new size of the display is that of the desktop, but I get no such event. When returning to a windowed mode I get no such event either.

I can hack around it but it is inconvenient.


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May 2000

Also think it's a bug.

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Member #11,410
October 2009

Another thing I noticed too, when toggling from fullscreen to windowed, I would expect it to restore it to how it was before I went fullscreen (size and position), but it restores it to the size and position of when I created it.

While on this subject, I should also note I have this:

    else if(evt->type == ALLEGRO_EVENT_DISPLAY_RESIZE)
      //this is a bug in Allegro
      if(evt->display.width == 0 && evt->display.height == 0)

in all my games because when I minimize on Windows, I get a display resized of 0,0 and when I restore I do not receive another resize to indicate the change so all my resolution dependent elements scale incorrectly.

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