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Allegro 5.0.5 released!
Peter Wang
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April 2000


Changes from 5.0.4 to 5.0.5 (November 2011)

The main developers this time were: Elias Pschernig and Trent Gamblin.


- Fixed several instances of windows being positioned wrong on Windows:
regular windows, WGL FULLSCREEN_WINDOW, and ALLEGRO_NOFRAME windows.

- Don't re-bind the FBO in al_set_target_bitmap if the new target
bitmap shares the parent bitmap with the new target bitmap (Paul Suntsov).

- Zero out fake refresh rate information from the nvidia proprietary driver
on X11 (Peter Wang).

- Implemented the ALLEGRO_FULLSCREEN_WINDOW flag for iOS.


- Make al_set_mouse_xy work in fullscreen on Windows.

- Fixed a race condition in al_init_joystick.

- Fixed problem on OS X where having two identical gamepads attached would
cause joystick initialization to hang (Thanks to Todd Cope for pointing it

- Fixed iphone joystick events (it assumed a call to al_get_joystick but
that's not required when using events).

TTF fonts:

- Save new bitmap flags and bitmap format at time of loading font and use them
when creating pages.

Primitives addon:

- Very thin arcs/pieslices were not drawn due to an overzealous check
(Paul Suntsov).

Native dialogs addon:

- Implemented al_show_native_message_box for iOS.


- Use .../Library/Application Support for ALLEGRO_USER_SETTINGS_PATH and

- Listen for applicationDidBecomeActive and applicationWillResignActive
instead of applicationWillEnterForeground and applicationDidEnterBackground
on iOS. This makes all of the common situations where you want to pause your
game work, such as the lock button.

- Fix some memory leaks on iOS.


- Various documentation updates.

- Generate multiple copies of a man page for all the API entries that it


bbd5f49964ccb4f8706d10e676333736  allegro-
4d879afe7062f7dc9b8913cba2e44bdf  allegro-5.0.5.tar.gz

Mark Oates
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March 2001



Very thin arcs/pieslices were not drawn due to an overzealous check

Ah! good :)

Member #13,650
October 2011

Is allegro 5.0.5 compatible OpenGL 3.3/4.2 ?

3D Egg | OpenGL Forum

Member #8,794
July 2007

Downloading. Thanks.

Does this version include Elias' fix to the bug described by AMCerasoli?.

Michał Cichoń
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March 2010

Member #358
May 2000

Does this version include Elias' fix to the bug described by AMCerasoli?.

That was a bug in the 5.1 (unstable, work-in-progress) branch - it never affected 5.0. (And there haven't been any releases from the 5.1 branch yet.)

"Either help out or stop whining" - Evert

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July 2007

Oh, that's right. Sorry.

Member #13,639
October 2011

thanks to the team for fixing the fullscreen mouse mickeys problem!

This is much appreciated. now I just gotta make my program work in fullscreen at a decent resolution.


This version also fixes a problem where I could only run my program at 800x600 resolution. Now it works fine at 1920x1080!

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