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SpeedHack 2011
Matthew Leverton
Supreme Loser
January 1999

Now that Allegro 5 has been released, I will hold a SpeedHack as promised. >:(

Please respond to this informal poll. Which time frame is better?

  • March - April

  • April - May

  • May - June

  • June - July

  • July - August

I'll later have a more specific weekend poll depending on which pair of months are the best.

Samuel Henderson
Member #3,757
August 2003

I will hold a SpeedHack as promised. >:(

Why so angry?

Any time works for me...

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Member #562
July 2000

June - July or July - August.

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Member #11,605
January 2010

every month, i am available every day for coding

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Member #3,110
January 2003

  • June - July

  • July - August

Those should work for me.

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Member #3,861
September 2003

June - July
July - August

For me too !

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Member #12,347
November 2010

I'm assuming only A5 entries right?

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Mark Oates
Member #1,146
March 2001

Anytime from April on should work for me.

Matthew Leverton
Supreme Loser
January 1999

every month, i am available every day for coding

I was very concerned. :o

_Kronk_ said:

I'm assuming only A5 entries right?

Possibly. Definitely Allegro only, like always.

Dario ff
Member #10,065
August 2008

July - August seems ideal to me since it'd fit with my winter 2 week vacation. :)

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Member #2,541
July 2002

Any month but I'd like to work with A4.2 because I don't want to learn 5.

Member #7,827
October 2006

Anything but March - April.

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Member #8,794
July 2007

July - August sounds fine.

Member #4,355
February 2004

June - July

Member #5,034
September 2004

I'm free the month of May, so


Member #8,643
May 2007

  • June - July

  • July - August

Would be great.

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Michael Faerber
Member #4,800
July 2004

Starting with May, I may have time as well.

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Kwame Alexander
Member #3,759
August 2003

March - April
July - August

Looking forward to it.

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Johan Halmén
Member #1,550
September 2001

June - July

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Member #2,028
March 2002

April - June :D

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Member #8,789
June 2007

March-April is best for me, though even under optimal conditions I'm not sure if I'd be able to produce anything of note, I entered last SpeedHack and ended up with nothing :X

Member #8,704
June 2007

June - July or July - August~ ;D

Jonny Cook
Member #4,055
November 2003

January works best for me.

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Neil Roy
Member #2,229
April 2002

The last time I done a Speedhack was back in 1999 was it? For the first one? Wow, time flies eh? I don't know if I would me motivated enough to do that again.

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Bruce Perry
Member #270
April 2000

Yeah, the first one was in 1999. The first one I participated in was the second one, and that was in 2001. Aside from the year when there were two a week apart, between us we've participated in every SpeedHack :D

My preferences:

May - June
June - July
July - August

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