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Using HTML+CSS for GUIs part 2
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September 2004

You may recall about this time last month the Using HTML+CSS for GUI thread.
Long story short, Awesomium works, but is closed source and doesn't support linux and Berkelium doesn't support JavaScript integration properly.

Well, I rolled my own and it is now reaching stages of completion. I'm typing this from in game now. I based mine off the architecture of the old Awesomium builds (from back in 09), but with how much Chrome has changed since then, the source is unrecognizable.

My version is slightly slimmed down, but I did add in hooks for full JavaScript integration (including a function to call javascript and get a return value). Once I iron out the last bug in my Chrome interface (popup windows, ie a select box, show up green) and test it a bit more with my v8 binding library I'll be all set to start distributing to anyone who wants it.

Just to let you all know.

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January 2003

Wow :o Amazing work! I poked around with the old Awesomium code for a bit, trying to get it to work with up-to-date Chromium code, but it was a nightmare. I've been too busy with my real job to do much hobby work lately :'(

Sounds like you've done a lot of amazing work. I hope you release it as open-source ;D Either way, congrats!

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July 2006

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December 2001

I really need to finish my secret project. I felt lazy before and now you come here showing that some people can actually get stuff done...

My confidence needs a boost!

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December 2002

Is this an honest GUI?

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December 2004

BAF said:

Is this an honest GUI?

If you prefer, I can write a GUI that calls you to tell you it loves you while it's on the way to sleep with your best friend.

Trent Gamblin
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April 2000

I've had far too much experience with those kind of "GUIs"... :-/

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January 2003

Yea :-/ User interface.

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