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[SH09] ClothesQuest
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May 2008


ClothesQuest Version 1.2:


  • Added lots more rooms and some puzzles. Good luck getting all the clothes, there are now 20 in all!

  • Added a new type of enemy/obstacle.

  • The game now counts the clothes as the maps are loaded, so you can add more maps with clothes in them and it will print correctly in the final tally. They must be marked using the level editor with the keyword "clothes".

  • Hid the "hidden clothes" a little better. :P

  • Used the previously unused torch.bmp sprite.

  • Added the potential for objects that act like non-walkable tiles (e.g. torch.bmp).

LevelEditor Version 1.2


  • You can now change which tool you're using with the number keys (1-3). Delete still acts as an eraser.

    • Tool 1: Select tool

    • Tool 2: Pencil tool

    • Tool 3: Stamp tool (You must still use it by selecting the fifth tile beforehand.)

  • Added nice mouse icons for the tools.

  • You can now copy/paste objects. (While using tool 2 or 3)

  • You can now copy/paste selections (includes both tiles and objects). (Tool 1)

  • [internal] Changed how maps were drawn.

  • Stamp editor is still incomplete.

  • Weight editor and stamp editor are now merged, but both are nonfunctional.

  • The A key now brings you to the stamp editor instead of the stamp tool.

  • The mode display no longer obscures things in the upper left corner. It's now drawn in the corner opposite your mouse position.

Older Versions
Version 1.1:

(Edit: forgot the readme)


  • Fixed map loading bug.

  • Fixed bug in hidden area where you take damage on entering the room.

  • Made player's collision area smaller, as was originally intended.

  • No longer spawns the Windows console when executed.

  • Fixed player's attack range.

Version 1.1 should be considered the final version of my entry for speedhack (now that the bugs are fixed).
Another version (not for the competition) will be on its way today or tonight that addresses the lack of a dynamic environment. A new version of the level editor will go along with it, adding copy/paste features. I also plan to remake the game sometime in the future.

Version 1.0:
Download source+binary zip here.
Didn't have time to add unlockable content.

Basically you go through a dungeon and fold clothes with your sword while trying not to impale yourself. Enjoy!
See readme for controls, etc.

{"name":"598971","src":"\/\/\/image\/cache\/9\/3\/9388e21b4524d17ae22b94f1299912b9.png","w":640,"h":480,"tn":"\/\/\/image\/cache\/9\/3\/9388e21b4524d17ae22b94f1299912b9"}598971 {"name":"598972","src":"\/\/\/image\/cache\/a\/3\/a36a5c97a2742479a2631053355631d0.png","w":640,"h":480,"tn":"\/\/\/image\/cache\/a\/3\/a36a5c97a2742479a2631053355631d0"}598972

I had the tileset just lying around, so I figured I should use it and make a Zelda-esque game. I didn't have time to implement any AI, but it's a good start.

There's also a level editor, which you can download here. I think I accidentally spent too much time on this and not enough on the game. ::)

Level editor controls:

  • L = load map

  • S = save map

  • T = load tileset (this is the first step if you're making a new map)

  • C = clear map (does not ask for confirmation, so be careful!)

  • O = switch to object mode or back to tile mode

  • +/- = switch tile or object number

  • Left click = place tile or object

  • Right click (on object) = object properties (there's a text field in the dialog that you can type in, just use the mouse to find it)

  • W = Stamp editor mode (unfinished, doesn't work at all)

  • A = Toggle stamp tool

    • Since the stamp editor isn't finished, you need to select the fifth tile in order for it to work. It lets you draw corridors quite easily. (That's this tile.)

  • Esc = exit

You can open the maps that come with the game to see how the object properties syntax works.

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Rodrigo Monteiro
Member #4,373
February 2004

Eh, this game would probably infuriate me a lot less if it wasn't so easy to collide with stuff... :(

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Albin Engström
Member #8,110
December 2006

Game crashed reporting something about failing to load bitmap at
"C:\Users\Will\ bla bla tileset1.bmp" something..

Not a very informative error message, can't give much more than that :/.

Member #9,752
May 2008

Oops, looks like the map editor saved the whole path for the tilesets instead of just relative names.

I'll fix it in a bit (have to go somewhere at the moment), but until then you can open up the maps in notepad and change "C:\whatever" to "tileset1.bmp".

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