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[MinorHack] How about a reactivation?
Jakub Wasilewski
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June 2003

I have liked all the MinorHacks I have entered thus far (I didn't finish all of them, but it was always fun), and I'd like to participate in a new one some day. Preferably sooner than later, as I am just about done with the exams at the university, so I'll have some free time on my hands.

So, part one of this post - I have suggested a new MinorHack event to be scheduled next Saturday, 21:00 CET (UTC+1). If you would like to have a stab at it, let the site know.

Part two of my post, directing mainly to CGamesPlay, but I'd also like to hear others' comments - how about reinstating the bimonthly schedule we had in the beginning? It seemed to work way better when everyone knew when the next event would be, and we didn't have to go through the effort of setting up one ourselves.

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August 2005

Funny, it was a week or two ago I was thinking a nice little MinorHack would b enice. I'm up for next weekend. :)

Oh, and doesn't talk of TINS usually occur around this time (totally gonna derail this thread).

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August 2001

I'm definitely up for moving back to a every-two-weeks schedule. Miss the regular minorhack!

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August 2006

I lost some of my motivation after I saw how hard it is to use some of the ideas. An idea filter would be good. :)

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July 2002


An idea filter would be good.

I approved all the ideas! Be more creative! :)

I started working on a rule voting system, as well as a more-than-random method of selecting rules for competitions.

As for the every-other-week schedule, I'll tell you what I'll do: The system will automatically propose a competition at 2100 UTC for each Saturday. That way, if some people say they want to be in a competition, it will be scheduled, but you don't have to schedule it yourself.

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