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Death of a allegro member
Tim Butler
Member #8,164
December 2006

Dear fellow developers and anyone else interested,

It is with great regret that I inform you that Raymond Jekabson aka Spudster, the creator of "Colony X" and "Ker-Splash!" passed away on 23rd December 2006. Ray passed away after being diagnosed with cancer about 18months ago. He was a really really fantastic guy, a good friend of mine, very funny, and loved his computer games and making games. He was very enthusiastic about the two projects he contributed to this website, and came third i think it was in one of the competitions for his ker-plash! effort. He used to love talking about his games with me and how he was well impressed etc. and I think he was happy that he found this website and joined this.

I'm not too sure where this is going, but I would like his games to be saved by the guys who run the website, or featured or something for a month or something, which would make him chuckle. It would be nice for people to still be able to download his games and play them now he is gone.

January 2001

It is sad not being able to say anything more than a simple "I am sorry" at this time. My condolences to his family and close friends.

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Matthew Leverton
Supreme Loser
January 1999

Sorry to hear about your loss. As requested, I've attached copies of his games to the project pages under his profile.

Member #88
April 2000

I think it's safe to say we're happy to have been a part of his (unfortunately short) life.

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Richard Phipps
Member #1,632
November 2001

Member #7,616
August 2006

I am very sorry. I actually tried Ker-Splash and really liked it. :'(

Member #6,152
August 2005

Colony-X looks pretty fun to me, I'll check it out later.

Spudster seemed like a pretty cool guy, how sad.

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Steve Terry
Member #1,989
March 2002


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Jonatan Hedborg
Member #4,886
July 2004

It's very hard to find proper words for such a sad event. My condolences to his friends and family.

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Paul whoknows
Member #5,081
September 2004

This is really sad, I am very sorry, my condolences to his friends and family.
Through his games he will be not forgotten.


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Member #2,905
November 2002

My condolences to his friends and family. :(

Member #1,739
December 2001

My condolences.

I remember Colony X from quite some time ago. Entertaining game, and quite crazy.
I wish I had known him better.

Edward Sheets
Member #4,734
June 2004

I'm very sorry to hear of your loss, Tim.

Rest in peace, Raymond.


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Matt Smith
Member #783
November 2000

I never knew him, but I'm sorry for your loss, Tim

R.I.P. Spudster

Member #1,090
July 2003

Thank you for sharing this sad news with us.
My condolences to you, his family and to his friends.

I also remember having played Colony X a while back. Ker-Splash! looks like lots of fun, judging from the screens and the description of the page. I'll play that now.:) His games will not be forgotten.

Member #3,861
September 2003

What else can be said ?

I can not find the words.

My condolences to his family && friends.

It is the first time I loose someone in a community. I feel empty.


EDIT: Now we should add a graveyard somewhere in where everyone could send some code/program/picture to celebrate the disappeared members.

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Member #794
November 2000

Sad news indeed! My condolences as well.

Member #7,080
April 2006

Aye, 'tis grave news. I never really knew the guy, but it's still sad. Oh well, the only thing I can do, aside from saying "I'm sorry", is to go play his games. I'm gonna do that now.

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Member #2,902
November 2002

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My condolences to all who knew him

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Member #5,114
October 2004

This is terribly sad. My condolences to his friends and family.

Free Market Evangelist
September 2000

My condolences. He will surely be missed.

- Bob
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Goalie Ca
Member #2,579
July 2002

My condolences. It's always a tragedy when someone passes early.

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Tim Butler
Member #8,164
December 2006

Thankyou for this.

Member #2,981
December 2002

My condolences. He didn't post here in the forums much that I remember, but his games sure were fun to play.

Member #7,616
August 2006

If you don't mind, I will post links to his games on another forum I'm on. :)

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