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"LNK2001" Error occured by making EXE
Dominic Guhl
Member #6,595
November 2005

Hi, People.

After I have sit in front of the computer screen for 5 hours to get the ALLEGRO compiled, occures another error.

My IDE (MSVC6) says to every "allegro"-command in my program "LNK2001". (The error text translated: "Non-explored external symbol", for exact errortext please have a look in the hell for OpenSource-Developers: Microsoft)

Have I anything forgotten?

Member #1,111
March 2001

Dominic Guhl
Member #6,595
November 2005

Thank you for the fast answer! Maybe you have already typed a reply before I post my problem? ;)

Member #794
November 2000

It took him all of five minutes and you call it fast? ;)

I think the speed record is about two minutes (and then two posts at the same time).

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