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"Make" does not exist.
Dominic Guhl
Member #6,595
November 2005

Hi, Folks!

First, I'm new and so I want apply me with a few words: I'm from Germany (please don't mind my BAAAD english:'()and a fresh newcomer, who has just already completed theory of C++.

Now I want that, what I learned C++ for: programming games!

I was just in process with installing Allegro, until my Cmd (on WinXP SP1) says "Makefile mistyped." (translated. I suppose, my OS can't find it).

So what should I do? I've already finished the "fix" step. My IDE (MSVC6) doesn't contain a "make" exe.

January 2001

Hello there!

In order to compile the MSVC6 version of Allegro, you need to install MinGW. Download it from here. After you have installed it, try again. Note that, if make does not work, try mingw32-make.

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Dominic Guhl
Member #6,595
November 2005

Oh, that's a long way for me, 'cause I've only 56K Modem as web connection, but I try it out now, like you have recommended me.

I will posting again, if it runs (or even not :P). That can be in 5 Years with my old, slow, gear crank and steam driven 56K-Modem ;)

But before this, I want to say Thank You for your advice. It may help me a lot.


It works now. But now I have other problems. I thank you all for the fast help!

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