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installing allegro on Linux for KDevelop
Michael Faerber
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July 2004

Oh sorry, I couldn't know. ;)

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July 2002

Yeah, me either. I thought it'd give the same results for any place... Anyways, that article describes how to PROPERLY add Allegro to KDevelop.

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Ryan Patterson - <>

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February 2001


It should be enough to fill in the output of the command allegro-config --libs to the compiler options of your project.

the output

You need to call it in a shell and copy the output into that textbox.

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April 2004

Simple search on the forums would have probably lead you to this:
Allegro project template for KDevelop

In theory it works, at least on my pc's. If not then let me know and I'll see what I can fix.

In general adding `allegro-config --libs` in linker settings is bad. For eplanation why it is bad read this

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