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Gideon Weems
Member #3,925
October 2003

The recent docs state that this function can be called before install_allegro, contrary to past behavior. Having tried this out, I see there's very little point. But, perhaps I'm mistaken: It seems that, when setting the config file before installing Allegro, nothing is loaded. Instead, a blank config is made. Retrieving existing variables fails, because the config file was loaded as blank. However, saving variables seems to be okay.

Am I getting this right? This could be solved simply by setting a flag when set_config_file is called with no system driver, marking the config file for loading once Allegro is installed.

The strangest part about the current behavior is that install_allegro actually references config variables (disable_screensaver first comes to mind). Obviously, it would get nothing, ignoring whatever the user has specified.

Does anyone have thoughts on this?

Member #358
May 2000

It seems to be done by this change:

Apparently, set_config_file was allowed before allegro_init by just setting it to empty. Don't remember what the reason was. I'll forward it to the mailing list.

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Gideon Weems
Member #3,925
October 2003

Thanks! I appreciate it. Someone's bound to know.

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